"Learn how our clients from around the world have changed the way they do business after working with Ericka. There is just no other way to build your dream!"

- Your partner in Business, Ericka


Happy Clients!


"Ericka truly gave me her undivided attention during our training. She made me feel as if she really cared. She kept it very professional. I can't wait to work with her again!"

-Ghana K.

"I had never even heard of a life coach before working with Ericka. I've never been pushed and challenged so much in life. I've never felt so uncomfortable but I have never had such amazing results. Well worth it."

- Carol V.

"I've constantly struggled with my career path. I've always be loved my my employers but often found myself bored with my work. Working with Ericka helped me to gain clarity and launch my own business. I'm truly living now. 

- Maria W.

"From the fear of being laid off from my job and allowing it to take over my life to building my own business from scratch, something I've dream of for so long.  Ericka coached me into making my dreams a reality. So thankful for the clarity I gain during our time together. I was scared of the initial investment but I quickly saw that it was well worth it. Thank you, Ericka!"

- Joan B.

I've always struggled with taking on too much. I want to have a life, career and be there for my family. Ericka helped to organized my priorities in life so that I could truly have it all. 

- Allison A.

"Ericka helped me take my business from thought to reality while still working my 9 -5. With her support I am able to keep a steady income, spend time with my wife and kids and build a business while I sleep!"

- James B.

"Ericka helped to identify critical professional and personal goals that I never knew existed. I went from just existing to living! I feel super supported in this journey and I can't wait to see where we go."

- Dakota S. 

"Have you ever just felt stuck? I came to Ericka without know what I actually needed from her. I booked a discovery call with her and it changes my life.  Her questions challenged me and once the call ended I had a long to do list. The call was FREE but the session was so invaluable. "

- Brian F.