The hardest work that we will ever do is personal developments. My coaching approach creates the opportunity for clients get out of their own way in order to reach their goals, dreams and desires. My coaching approach is based on your relationship with oneself, also known as Emotional Intelligence and how you can use that to see value in yourself, your relationships ( personal and professional) in addition to the all that you will accomplish. Coaching will help you develop a new mindset and transform your life!

Client often come to me looks for in-depth coaching in the areas listed below:

  • Asking fro what I want (personally and professionally)
  • setting goals and getting organized
  • trusting my inner voice
  • Taking things personally
  • self-care
  • Work/life balance

Is this normal?  Life is CRAZY. Where is my sanity?

The power hour call is $175.00

In 6 months your are going to be a different person that you are today!


The 1:1 coaching program is designed for those who need a shift in their life and are ready to make it happen.

What you gain from my 1:1 coaching program:

  • Gain clarity on the goals, dreams and desires that you have for your life
  • Master the mindset to make it happen
  • Create the change that you want to see in the world


1:1 Coaching 3 or 6 months program prices

Payment plans available:

3 months program - 2 payments $2,000.00 ($3,500.00 paid in full)

6 months program - 3 payments $2,000.00 ($5,000.00 paid in full)